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June 23, 2018
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Action Center
Fair RETIRE Act (Fair Return for Employees on Their Initial Retirement Earned), S-29
Allow permanently sick or disabled Firefighters to keep special retirement coverage
Official Time Reform Act of 2017, HR 1364
Any day where 80% of work day is spent on Union representational duties would not count toward retirement
PAGE Act (Promote Accountability and Government Efficiency)
Make all Government employees "at will" with no appeal rights, forfeit pensions for felony convictions, eliminate all Union official time. This Bill has not yet been re-introduced into the 115th Congress
Federal Firefighters Fairness Act (Presumption), H.R. 1884
Creates presumptive legislation for certain types of cancer and disease linked to firefighting duties.
Federal Firefighter Pay Equity Act H.R. 4729
Change our retirement calculation to include our regularly scheduled overtime This Bill has yet to be re-introduced into the 115th Congress
Federal Firefighters Flexibility and Fairness Act, H.R. 1363
Will allow increased flexibility regarding trade time agreements
Guest Book Entries:
Mar. 01, 2015
Name: Joe Puglise
Union: IAFF
Local: F-100
City, State/Province Country: newport, ri USA
Comments: Great site! looking around for the pay scale!
Feb. 19, 2014
Name: Glenn Clayton
Union: IAFF
Local: F114
City, State/Province Country: Shipman, VA USA
Comments: Can someone let Lakehurst know that Paul Loeser passed Monday 2-17-14 in Fl.@91 years Retired in 1977 Thanks glenn
Dec. 16, 2010
Name: Kelly Godley
Union: PBA
Local: 124
City, State/Province Country: Middletown, NJ USA
Comments: Nice website guys. Stay safe and take care of Scottie too hottie for me.
Jun. 13, 2009
Name: John Dwire Jr.
Union: IAFF
Local: Submarine Base Firefighters L-F219
City, State/Province Country: Groton, CT USA
Comments: Great job on the site. Stay Safe. Keep fighting the fight!
May. 03, 2009
Name: Jeremy Harper
Union: IAFF
Local: Malvern local 2276
City, State/Province Country: Malvern, AR USA
Comments: Keep up the good work brothers and stay safe
Jan. 05, 2009
Name: matt quagliato
Union: PBA
Local: 50
City, State/Province Country: neptune, nj USA
Comments: hily shit!! it's been a long time. auggie still there?
Dec. 02, 2008
Name: Tim Regan
Union: Ex-NMRA
City, State/Province Country: Keyport, NJ USA
Comments: I miss my other family!
Oct. 17, 2008
Name: Shane O'Conner
Union: FF/EMT
City, State/Province Country: San Diego, CA USA
Comments: Site Looks great! Good pics. Keep up the good work
Sep. 10, 2008
Name: NAS WGFD Member
City, State/Province Country: , USA
Comments: My goodness that FF/EMT Regan is good looking~ and strong too!
Jul. 26, 2008
Name: Timmy
Union: Fireman
City, State/Province Country: Willow Grove, PA, USA
Comments: I sure miss you guys!
Jul. 20, 2008
Name: Admin
Union: Firefighter
City, State/Province Country: colts neck , nj USA
Comments: Thanks for visiting our site
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